Business Cents: 2018 Q2 Report

All things considered, I have to admit the numbers for this second quarter surprised me. The last three months have been the quietest we've had in a long time, and while we put most of our free time to good use (refining brand collaterals and client processes), I don't think we were terribly busy. 

Even so, we managed to make a teeny tiny profit this quarter (March-June), which I suspect is going to come in handy because... Gladys is coming back to join the team full-time! Some of you may remember Gladys from her intern days with us last year. After she wrapped up her internship with us, she was offered a job at another agency and we've been DYING to get her back. She returns next month and we are rrrready to rrrrumble.

In the meantime, numbers from Q2 for the curious:

Q2 Business Report

I know the numbers don't actually justify bringing on another full-time employee. I also know that agencies typically only hire when the team is in over their heads with work, and not when everyone has time to spare. So again, this probably isn't my finest business decision, but I think it's important to invest in people —  everyone knows the right people are so hard to find!

Zero regrets and 100% ready to hustle. Know someone looking for social media or editorial help? Own a small business and want to put out content that people will actually connect with in the deep, dark, black hole of digital content? Hit us up!

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