Breaking away from the norm of “big” events like fundraisers, workshops, and charity auctions held by larger organizations, this campaign was intentionally created for the everyman to celebrate the #LeadingLady in their life - mother, sister, wife, grandma, family helper, neighbour, hawker, taxi driver, teacher, office auntie etc. The campaign was designed with two key ideas: that it shouldn’t cost to celebrate the women around us, and that it should be as inclusive and open to diversity as possible.

#LeadingLady was the first registered global campaign on, the official global website for International Women’s Day. While based in Singapore, the online initiative was open to everyone (children, men, seniors etc.) around the world. Public Culture also encouraged the public to involve non-Internet users by completing hardcopy forms. This campaign was held from 10 February to 8 March 2014.

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Melissa Tai