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Thirty under 30 is an editorial series profiling 30 inspiring individuals under 30 years old.

We’ve always been inspired by people who do their own things, and we’re always reading interviews on people who dare to be different – those who test new business models, mortgage their house, go from banker to baker, and sell their business for millions while starting with only $5.

But the kaypoh in us constantly had questions at the end of the feature. How long did it take for them to break even? What did their parents say when they completed unpaid internships for two years running? Where did they get they capital from? What mistakes did they make and how costly were they? So we collated our questions in a (very long) list and took to asking real (young) entrepreneurs hard questions about how they really did it. (Actually, because most of them are so young, it’s more like how they’ve been working on getting there.)

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